Why CPR Training is Important

The importance of CPR training came full circle recently when ABC’s Good Morning America shared the story of an aunt who had to stop along a busy highway to help her 5-month-old nephew, who wasn’t breathing.

The story spurred a response from Aline Fagundes, who had a similar experience. Aline gave birth to multiples almost three years ago at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. While her daughters grew stronger in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery, she was offered the opportunity to learn CPR through the hospital’s Friends and Family CPR program. The new mom didn’t think twice about participating.

The training served its purpose for Aline and her family. She remembered how learning CPR in the hospital made a real difference just days after bringing her daughter Laura home from the hospital.

“On Sunday, I found her in her crib not breathing with vomit on her side,” Aline said. “She was blue! I started baby CPR and my husband called 911. When they arrived, Laura was back already. Baby CPR and my ‘bulb syringe’ instruction with my Special Care Nursery nurse brought her back.”

Aline and her husband later learned that their daughter suffered from severe reflux, which caused her episode. Aline has followed up her initial CPR training with a refresher course and plans to do the same every couple of years, to ensure she still remembers the procedure and knows the latest guidelines.

“The program is an important component of Texas Health’s Community Health Improvement focus and is available to all new parents and family members who want to learn the valuable procedure,” said Dede Scholl, manager of the Special Care Nursery. “Although we don’t certify those who take the class, we do provide a video demonstration, hands-on practice with mannequins and Q&A with members of the hospital’s nursing staff. We want to arm new parents and others with the ability to save a young life through CPR, if necessary.”

“If you are pregnant, if you are a mom or a grandma, if you take care of an infant ― take that class,” Aline said. “I have sent the link for the Texas Health Dallas CPR class to my friends who are pregnant. Some have taken the class, but some don’t want to think about the possibility of needing to do CPR. I tell them it is easy. The class can be done in one day, and that day can change your life forever.”

To get information about upcoming infant, pediatric and adult CPR classes, visit TexasHealth.org/Classes.

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