Lucille Evans

Texas Health Fort Worth Employee Shares JFK Memories

Lucille Evans was sitting in a monthly meeting with her hospital cafeteria co-workers on Nov. 22, 1963 when someone burst into the room to tell them President John F. Kennedy had been shot.

Evans, a cafeteria server at the then-named Harris Methodist Fort Worth hospital, said everyone was shocked. The group immediately turned on the small television in the corner of their meeting space and watched as the normal broadcasts were interrupted with the breaking news.

“They told us he had been shot and we just couldn’t believe it,” Evans said. “We watched for a while, but then we had to go back to work so we hoped he was okay and we went on back to the cafeteria.”

Evans said the cafeteria was abuzz with people – hospital employees and guests alike – talking about the shooting. It was then, she said, that a co-worker came in with news the president had died.

“People who were in the middle of eating – in the middle of a bite – just got up and left,” she said. “I don’t even think they knew where they were going, but everyone was just so upset that nobody knew what to do.”

Evans, who currently works in catering services at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, said she remembers a certain fear gripping her and her fellow workers.

“I don’t know why we were scared, but we just were,” she said. “I mean, no one ever thought you could or would hurt the president. But there it was, it had just happened. So we were just scared.”

Evans said most people went home early that day and she’ll always remember the co-workers she was with when she found out.

“It’s not a great memory, but it’s one of those things,” she said. “At least we were there together. We had each other.”

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