Texas Health Dallas staff is “Gift” for new family

CaptureThe moment mother-to-be Michelle Meals toured the postpartum unit at the Margot Perot Center for Women and Infants at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, she knew it was the right fit. A great location, beautiful private rooms, family-centered care and an abundance of childbirth education offerings were a few of the reasons Michelle and her husband Michael chose Texas Health Dallas as the place for the birth of their son.

As first-time parents, Michelle and Michael took advantage of the hospital’s prepared and natural childbirth, breastfeeding and basics of baby care classes to get ready for Henry’s arrival. They learned CPR and how to correctly install a car seat through the hospital as well. The couple felt confident as they neared delivery day.

On October 26, 2014, all of the preparations came to fruition. Baby Henry arrived after 12 hours of labor and a few minor bumps in the road. Because Henry took his time, he ended up having to be delivered via forceps. The umbilical cord was also wrapped around his neck so John Bertrand, M.D. of Walnut Hill OB/GYN Associates and a member of the Texas Health Dallas medical staff, quickly performed the delivery and assisted in resolving Henry’s complications. After spending some time being monitored, the newborn was soon back with his parents to begin the process of bonding and thriving.

Through it all, Michelle remembers her labor and delivery (L&D) nurse and others who encouraged her and her husband and helped provide answers to their questions.

“Armara Dickey was there with me until Henry was born,” Michelle said. “She was very upfront and honest with me throughout all of the small complications and concerns. I was so nervous about not getting full skin-to-skin time with my son when he had to go to the nursery, but Armara let me have 10 minutes with him and supported me as I breastfed while we waited for the nursery staff to come. I feel she had the intuition to push this, and I am forever grateful.”

Texas Health Dallas’ attention to family-centered care meant that the Meals were encouraged to be together as much as possible. Outside of the time Baby Henry spent in the newborn nursery for monitoring, the family stayed together.

“As much as people say they hate staying in the hospital, I could have stayed for weeks in Texas Health Dallas’ postpartum care,” Michelle said. “I loved each and every nurse that came through my door. I was amazed at their patience, talent and tenderness. I felt that these nurses must see so many women, yet my baby and I seemed so special to each one of them. What a gift they are for parents and newborns!”

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