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Texas Health Alliance “Flies High” for Local Air Force Colonel

As Commander of the 136th Airlift Wing at the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Colonel George “G.W.” Holt certainly recognizes grace under pressure when he sees it. According to Holt, that’s exactly what he experienced during an eight-day stay at Texas Health Alliance in January after suffering a health scare.

Holt, who will celebrate 30 years of military service next year, was taken to the Alliance emergency room after feeling pain in his chest and left shoulder.

“This was the first time I’d ever been hospitalized under an emergency response situation, and the triage process at Alliance was similar to the military—very timely and prompt,” he said. “When I saw the nurse in the ER, she was to the point and said, ‘Let’s get to it…why are you here?’ When a 50-year-old male presents with chest pains and pain in the left shoulder, it sounds like a heart attack, so they got right after it.”

Holt was impressed with the efficiency of the emergency staff but realized he was in capable hands after talking with a National Guard colleague who also happens to be a physician.

“The whole time I was in the ER, he was asking me if they’d done this or that, so I had a doctor critiquing my care from the outside looking in,” he explained. “It was comforting having someone I know and trust confirming that the guys at Alliance were doing it right.”

In addition to the day-to-day stress in a busy hospital, Alliance was inundated with patients during Holt’s stay, a fact that was not lost on him.

“Almost the whole time I was there, the hospital was under a deluge of patients,” he said. “After my exploratory surgery, I was put into a room and was able to engage with the nurses, caretakers, and people from the lab.

“The place was so busy with patients, but somehow the staff was just calm, comforting and provided great care. They had every reason to be tired and annoyed, but they weren’t, even in all that excitement. It was pretty special.”

Holt was released a week after surgery and wanted to do more than just say thank you to the doctors, nurses and other staff at Alliance. He made a visit to the hospital in mid-March to present a plaque with a C-130 tail flash and the front and back of his wing command challenge coin, along with the following recognition:

Thank you for providing excellent and compassionate care. Even during some trying times, the staff treated me professionally and provided a level of care that was beyond the call of duty. Excellent facilities like yours allow National Guardsmen to receive care and return to duty to answer the call of our State and Nation.
Your facility and Team members exemplified my command’s Motto
“Nulli Secundus” …SECOND TO NONE
Thank you for serving the members of our community!
G.W Holt Jr.
Commander, 136th Airlift Wing
Texas Air National Guard

As an active member of the community through the National Guard and an elder at his local church, Holt is keenly aware of the impact of building and maintaining relationships.

“It’s important to be connected to and a part of this community and I felt compelled to say more than just a thank you to the people at Alliance,” he said. “I told the hospital directors and Mr. (Clint) Abernathy (Alliance president) that I wasn’t just a patient, but someone they truly cared for, and I appreciated that.

“People crave appreciation, so when somebody takes the time to recognize them, it means more than a survey, feedback or a note. When they see that tail flash from the C-130 hanging on the wall, they’ll think, ‘He’s from around here. I met him and took great care of him…and he noticed.’”

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  • Susan Brantley says:

    What an honor to our facility. Thankfully we don’t do what we do for the recognition but out of our compassion for our patients. It’s just really nice to know that we are making a difference. This is truly humbling that one of our military service men took the time from his own busy schedule to give THAL this recognition.

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