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Simple Steps Can Help Relieve Holiday Stress

The holiday season is a time for celebrating with family, friends and co-workers. For many people, the holidays are also a time of added stress. Stress is unavoidable, but it is manageable. There are a few simple steps we can take to help people deal with this added stress and maintain a positive, productive attitude in the workplace.

The Centers for Disease Control has these tips for dealing with stress:

  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Try to exercise regularly, and avoid using alcohol or drugs as a stress-reliever.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Research has shown that people with strong personal social connections have the highest well-being. Make an effort to spend time with friends and family, or attend community and religious events where you can interact with others.
  • Volunteer for a community service project or reach out and help a co-worker or a neighbor.

Simple activities done each day can help us manage stress and improve well-being. Texas Health has an online tool that can help you and your employees engage in one easy, healthy activity each day. It’s called the “Daily Challenge.” Visit TexasHealth.org/Well-Being, and click on the tab labeled “Daily Challenge.”

I encourage you to share these stress-management tips with your employees and co-workers. Don’t let stress get the upper hand this wonderful time of the year.

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