Right Balance for a Better Life

Kathy Fitzpatrick is an active 42-year-old McKinney woman who loves to do things with her family, work in the yard, go on walks, and take fitness and yoga classes. Finding a healthy balance is important to her.  It was actually while practicing yoga that Kathy was forced to listen to her body and find answers to a nagging problem.

In class one day, Kathy’s yoga instructor encouraged her to achieve better form with her push-ups.  Kathy, a fit and otherwise healthy person, simply could not do what the instructor was asking – and that concerned her.

This lack of ability, and occasional shoulder pain, left her wanting answers about why her body was not functioning the way she knew it should.  She sought help from Dr. Jana Brock, a primary care sports medicine physician at Allen Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, a Texas Health Physicians Group practice. Brock is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and is skilled not only in treating musculoskeletal injuries, but also in addressing traditional medical concerns.

Brock evaluated Kathy and immediately saw a potential issue.

“She noticed that my shoulder blades didn’t quite line up,” Kathy remembers.

“As soon as I had her stand up and turn around, and I was looking at her back, I could tell by the way her shoulders were sitting that she had scoliosis,” Brock explained.  X-rays later confirmed the diagnosis.

Kathy was immediately concerned.  With a diagnosis like scoliosis, she wondered whether she would be able to continue living a lifestyle with activities that made her happy, like skiing with her family, practicing yoga, even continuing to work in her yard. She also worried that this might mean surgery or other treatment methods that would impact her life, and that of her family.

Luckily, Brock saw another option for Kathy, one with a more holistic nature.  Instead of surgery or a brace for her back, Brock recommended some key modifications to Kathy’s exercise techniques to help strengthen her body and relieve pain.

“What I wanted her to do was take a step back and get more of the core work involved to where she could move more functionally, more effectively,” Brock explained. “A lot of times, helping people is just listening, and talking, and informing people about what’s going on.”

“It’s giving me the reassurance I need to not worry about things.  She has a plan, and that plan is, you know, for my better health,” Kathy said.

By following Brock’s advice, Kathy has found relief in both her physical pain and also for her concerns about what the future might hold. She is grateful for the care she received, and for her positive outcome. Kathy feels that turning to Brock for help was the right choice.

Jana Brock, MD, Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

“You can really trust that you’re getting where you need to go for a better life,” Kathy said.

To learn more about Dr. Jana Brock or to schedule an appointment, call 214-383-9356 or visit AllenOrthopedicsandSportsMedicine.com.



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