Quite Simply, Mom Feels ‘Loved’ at Texas Health Dallas

After surgery to relieve her endometriosis and years of undergoing fertility treatments without success in getting pregnant, Jennifer Field had accepted that she would probably never give birth. She stopped trying to conceive.

Fast forward six years and along came news that Jennifer thought she would never receive. She found out she was pregnant on her 40th birthday. No fertility drugs. No procedures. Jennifer had become pregnant naturally.

Once the news sunk in, she and her partner made the determination that there was just one place where they would want to deliver: Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. Jennifer’s obstetrician, Tracy Speight, M.D., practices out of the hospital so the couple knew it was the best choice for them. Due to her age, Jennifer’s pregnancy was considered high risk and the couple felt comfortable with the advanced level of care and maternal fetal medicine specialist available through Texas Health Dallas as well.

Although the mom-to-be continually worried about what could go wrong during her pregnancy and delivery, the birth went flawlessly. Jennifer credits her Labor and Delivery nurse with keeping her in check and helping provide a smooth progression.

“Thanks to our amazing L&D nurse, Lauren, I forgot to be scared of the epidural and even enjoyed giving birth,” Jennifer said.

But soon after the birth, things took a turn and the new mom remembers everything going crazy. Alarms began going off in the delivery room, more medical staff appeared and the next thing Jennifer knew they were whisking Harper away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“I was laying there terrified, not knowing what was going on, when Lauren came over and quietly explained that Harper was having some breathing problems and as a precaution the staff was going to take her to the NICU for evaluation. She made sure I got to hold Harper before they took her and then she stayed with me afterwards. She was always patient and always so kind,” Jennifer added.

Baby Harper ended up being fine and spent less than a day in the NICU. The family was able to go home together once mom and baby were released. Texas Health Dallas remains a place for which Jennifer holds fond memories.

“Thanks to one talented nurse, this mommy made it through without losing her mind. I will forever tell anyone who will listen how wonderful the hospital and its staff are, and how much care they put into making women feel safe, protected, informed and simply loved,” she said.

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