Mom and Baby Fitness Promotes Healthy Living

It’s no secret that the journey to motherhood can be a bit overwhelming. So when first-time mom-to-be Erica Duncan learned she was pregnant, she knew she wanted to be as prepared as possible — both physically and mentally. She turned to the parenting education and prenatal fitness offerings available through Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

The Margo Perot Center for Women and Infants at Texas Health Dallas offers on-campus classes for body and mind to help parents prepare for delivery day. The Duncans took advantage of the hospital’s Prepared Childbirth, Breastfeeding and Infant CPR classes, along with a Pushing Partner workshop provided by Oh Baby! Fitness through a relationship with Texas Health.

“The classes and instructors were very informative, and I’m pleased that we took the time to participate in each class,” Erica said. “Together, they were instrumental in helping us get ready for the arrival of our little Annabelle on Valentine’s Day of this year.”

“What’s more, I have formed many incredible friendships with the other moms in these classes,” Duncan said. “We now keep in touch daily. We have become a sounding board for each other and a tremendous support network of new moms. Before delivery, these women provided a sense of comfort as we all went through the daily ups and downs of being pregnant. And having our babies just days apart was such a blessing, too, because we were able to discuss our challenges and triumphs with each other. The fears that come along with pregnancy and being a new mom were greatly suppressed because of these friendships.”

Erica was surprised at how manageable her birthing process went and she credits the classes she took at Texas Health Dallas as playing a key role in her physical and mental fitness going into delivery. The best advice she learned from the classes and the other moms included not comparing her pregnancy to others and that every pregnancy is unique. She also came away knowing that doing what was best for her baby started with taking care of herself.

For her post-pregnancy physical and mental well-being, Erica has again turned to Texas Health Dallas. She and baby Annabelle now enjoy taking part in the hospital’s stroller workout class led by a certified prenatal/postnatal fitness instructor. The modified boot camp for moms gives Erica an all-over workout, and Annabelle gets to ride along in the stroller. She also plans to add Mom and Me Yoga, Mom and Me Fitness, and Mom and Me Aerobics (H2OH Baby!) to her exercise routine when Annabelle gets a little older.

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  • Allana Williams says:

    I am also a mother of two and I am struggling to get healthier and more fit. Your article is really an inspiration to all mothers who are able to read this post. Good job!

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