Local Moms Want the Gift of Time and Self-Care This Mother’s Day

What does Mom want for Mother’s Day? Turns out, what she really wants is time; a little time in the form of a thoughtful small gift from her loved ones; a little time doing something creative with her kids; and most of all, time to herself for a little self-care.

Of the moms surveyed by Statistic Brain, 36 percent would love something homemade, followed by dinner at 34.8 percent. The National Retail Federation says that most families said they planned to spend money on greeting cards (77.9 percent), flowers (68.5 percent), or dinner or brunch (45 percent).

We spoke to a panel of North Texas mothers, and many said that a little pampering and thoughtfulness would be welcomed.

“A card, flowers and some quiet time (spa or lunch date with girlfriends) goes a long way,” says Dallas mom Alexis Willis.

Dallas mom Colleen Mayerhoff says just a few extra hours of shuteye are appreciated in her house.

“I have young kids—my husband lets me sleep in, then they climb on me and give me handmade cards and kisses and breakfast in bed. Then I take off and get my nails done and shop, and we all meet for dinner out,” she says. “So it’s just a no-responsibilities day for me and it’s awesome every year!”

But before you think mothers totally want a day without the very people that made them “Mom,” several moms also pointed out that quality time with their kids ranked pretty high on the list, too.

“I flew home and surprised my mom for Mother’s Day one year,” Mayerhoff says. “I was in my mid-twenties and hadn’t been home for over a year. Her best friend arranged for them to have brunch, and there I was. We did brunch, shopped, I cooked her dinner, then I stayed for a few days. She says that was her best Mother’s Day.”

“I’ve got two memories that stand out more than any other. Last year my kids went painting with me,” said Angela Marie of Dallas. “I’ve got three older sons who wouldn’t go painting on their own unless a girlfriend forced them. The fact that they all went happily, got along, and enjoyed themselves made me so happy. I now have what we painted hanging in my kitchen and every time I see the paintings, I’m reminded of the vast love I have in my life.

“The other was a simple day trip to the pool,” she continues. “Just having them all together, laughing—that’s the good stuff.”

Dallas mom Renee Strickland says her first Mother’s Day was spent entirely with her daughter, for good reason.

“I took my newborn daughter home from the hospital on Mother’s Day,” she says. “My husband must have driven at five miles per hour the whole way to our house. It was so surreal that all these trained professionals just let us walk out of the hospital with this perfect, healthy child. I just held her and gawked at this tiny new human the rest of the day.”

But overall, our panel of moms talked about appreciating opportunities for self-care—something Mom sometimes doesn’t make a priority.

“My husband purchased me an eight-week introduction to yoga class at the Ananda Center in Dallas,” says Christie Forbes. “This was shortly after [the birth of] my second child and I definitely needed to remind myself of the importance of self-care.”

Forbes called it the “best present ever,” and it included her husband being responsible for dinner and taking care of the children two nights a week for eight weeks.

Many DFW-area fitness studios and spas have special offers during Mother’s Day, like this “Sweet Mama” spa package from City Salon Suites & Spa Rockwall or the Mother’s Day Gratitude Flow at Twist Power Yoga in Dallas. CorePower Yoga, which has four DFW locations, has also been known to let its fellow yogis bring mom to a free class during Mother’s Day weekend.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly (and healthy!) twist on the classic mani-pedi, Pink Pedi, which holds the top spot as Dallas’ first eco-friendly nail salon, and MiniLuxe both offer natural, fume- and toxin-free manicures and pedicures, allowing mom to relax without feeling like her health is being compromised. Since these salons focus on toxin-free products, they make great retreats for soon-to-be mamas as well!

Is mom a runner? Two Mother’s Day 5K races will be held in May—and one half marathon (for the truly dedicated). Frisco’s Run Like a Mother 5K will be held Saturday, May 12, and includes a kid’s 1K fun run. In Fort Worth, the Cox Running Club will hold its annual Mother’s Day Half Marathon and 5K race on Sunday, May 13.

If mom likes something a less intense, a nice stroll through the Dallas Arboretum is a great way to treat her and also get some healthy exercise in. You won’t even know you’re getting a heart-healthy workout in while you’re soaking in all the beautiful flowers and greenery that these spring showers have helped flourish! Mother’s Day at the Arboretum also has a “garden tea” and champagne if your walk makes you a bit thirsty.

As many of the moms in our panel pointed out, a great meal is always welcome, especially if she doesn’t have to cook it! If your mother likes to keep it healthy and fresh, True Food Kitchen, located in Dallas and Plano, has a special Mother’s Day brunch. With items like an inside-out quinoa burger, grilled fish tacos, antioxidant drinks, and health-conscious cocktails (like their ‘Mom-osa’!), mama can have her (flourless chocolate) cake and eat it too!

Mudhen Meat and Greens in the Dallas Farmers Market offers up a $6 “mama-mimosa” alongside their healthy, farm-to-table eats at their Mother’s Day brunch, including whole wheat pancakes serves with a Greek yogurt whip and seasonal preserves, shrimp and cauliflower grits, or their “horiatiki salata,” their take on a classic Greek salad.   

Several of the moms in our panel spoke about how Mother’s Day is a special time for them because it’s when their family comes together. One Dallas Mom says that “togetherness” is why she always remembers single moms and moms who have experienced the loss of a child.

“I always try to encourage people to remember single mothers, especially those with small children,” says Trish Robinson of Dallas. “Sometimes they don’t have anyone to even say Happy Mother’s Day. I try to put together little gift bags and leave them anonymously by the door.”

The Grief & Loss Center of North Texas is hosting a Mother’s Day tea and butterfly release in Dallas, honoring mothers who have lost a child on Sunday, on Sunday, May 5.

Self-care starts with taking care of yourself and your health. If you’re in need of a primary care physician, OB/GYN or specialty physician, use our simple “Find a Physician” tool to find the right physician for you.

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