Living the healthiest life possible with Clinic Connect

When it comes to living out our community health-focused mission, we walk the walk at Texas Health Resources. Thanks to Clinic Connect, an enhanced Texas Health grant program, more underserved North Texans now have access to quality health care and improved health outcomes.

“We wanted to join – in a meaningful way – with community-based clinics,” said Catherine Oliveros, vice president of Community Health Improvement at Texas Health. “It is our goal to make sure those patients we see in our hospitals have access to continuous care once they go home.”

The program began in 2016 as Texas Health’s way of giving grant dollars to local charitable clinics to enable the clinics to provide care to patients in North Texas communities. Clinic Connect already has provided more than $700,000 to seven local clinics in its first year of operation with hopes to increase that number in coming years.

The grant dollars give clinics the ability to expand their services and help more people in need by creating a medical home. And access to primary care means improving the quality of life for many patients, particularly those with chronic conditions.

“We believe that every North Texan deserves the opportunity to have the healthiest life possible,” Oliveros said. “What we’ve found is oftentimes a zip code is more important than a genetic code because of the barriers or issues individuals face in taking care of their health.”

Without these kinds of programs, these patients oftentimes visit an Emergency Room with serious conditions that could have been prevented altogether or they are readmitted to a hospital because of a complication.

Through Clinic Connect, patients are connected to caregivers within their communities where they’re able to establish a relationship, receive routine care and get assistance in managing chronic conditions.

“By supporting their medical homes, we can keep them out of the Emergency Room and make sure they are getting the proper management of their health conditions on a daily basis,” Oliveros said.

The application process has begun and clinics seeking grant funds are encouraged to submit an application by visiting contacting

To receive funding during the current award year, eligible clinics must meet the following criteria:

  • Ensure patients have the ability to schedule new and follow-up appointments in a timely manner.
  • Show they’re helping patients with chronic conditions reduce their number of hospital readmissions.

“Our program is still growing and we look forward to supporting even more community clinics in the future,” Oliveros said. “As one of the nation’s largest nonprofit health systems, we are committed and ‘all in’ in North Texas.”

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