Lifestyle Program Empowers Kids to Build Healthy Habits

Texas Health Neighborhood Care and Wellness Willow Park is helping kids and teens take charge of their health and well-being. Fitness and nutrition staff have collaborated to develop the Healthy Lifestyles program, an eight-week course that teaches children practical habits about exercise and nutrition that they can carry into adulthood.

“The goal of our program is to provide our participants with knowledge and resources that will empower them to lead healthy lives far into the future,” said Hayley Webb, MS, CI-CPT, group exercise coordinator and personal trainer at Texas Health Willow Park Fitness Center. “We want them to learn to focus on what it means to be healthy and overall well-being and less on weight and appearance.”

Healthy Lifestyles emphasizes the importance of leading an active life and learning how to shop, cook and even eat-out healthy. The program began last year and hopes to help more children learn to lead healthier lives through strategies to remove everyday barriers to physical fitness and “everything in moderation” nutrition approach. It features two 60-minute sessions per week that include discussions about self-esteem and confidence building and an activity or workout with a certified personal trainer. In addition, the program offers cooking demonstrations and grocery store tours to help participants learn the “shop the perimeter” strategy.

Participants also receive dietary input from a registered Texas Health dietitian. Parental involvement is highly encouraged, so a guest pass to the facility’s fitness center is available to family members during the program. Pre and post knowledge and fitness assessments are also given to track progress.

“The Healthy Lifestyles program gives us the ability to care for our community by providing access to resources that help them invest in their health and well-being,” said Rebecca Slemmons, fitness manager at Texas Health Willow Park. “We are helping to build healthier kids and families and ultimately a stronger and healthier community.”

Healthy Lifestyles is offered in the spring, summer and fall. Texas Health Willow Park is offering two four-week express sessions this summer.

To learn more about the Healthy Lifestyles program call, (817) 757-1551 or stop by the Texas Health Willow Park Fitness Center to speak to an instructor.

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