Happy Birthday Prestyn!

Angela Thomas and her husband Ryan were ready to grow their family. The 29-year-olds had been married for a year and felt the time was right.

Angela and PrestynAngela’s pregnancy progressed without major complications and she received routine, ongoing care under the guidance of OB/GYN physician Dr. Angela Angel, the team of physicians on the medical staff and nurses at Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas on the campus of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. In the absence of complications, the young mother-to-be ended up carrying beyond term and finally had to be induced at 41 weeks.

On the Labor & Delivery (L&D) Unit in the Margot Perot Center for Women and Infants, Angela was determined to deliver vaginally. Baby Prestyn had a different plan. A restless night of Cervidil®-induced contractions, epidural administration and pushing led to the realization that the baby was probably on her side or back ― not the optimal position for a vaginal delivery and undoubtedly the reason why Angela never went into labor on her own.

“I guess I created such a cozy environment for our sweet Prestyn that she didn’t want to come out,” Angela mused.

She looked to Dr. Lisa Remedios, a physicians on the medical staff, who was on hand from Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas, and the L&D nurses tending to her care for a solution. When Dr. Remedios recommended a C-section, Angela was ready.

Although she weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds and 5 ounces, Prestyn Reese Thomas was born with an oxygen level that was slightly low. Mother and daughter were checked into the hospital’s Postpartum Unit so Angela could begin healing from the surgery, and Prestyn could receive a little extra care and monitoring from the nurses in the Newborn Nursery.

Angela was unable to see Prestyn until three hours after she was born, but the two bonded quickly. With help from registered nurse Cyndi Kelley and other Newborn Nursery employees, Angela and husband Ryan learned how to take care of their newborn. The nurses on the unit focused on helping Angela master breastfeeding, bathing and changing baby Prestyn, until the family was ready to go home four days later.

“I’ll always remember when Nurse Cyndi wrote ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRESTYN!’ on the whiteboard in my room,” Angela said. “It made me smile. I was then ready to hold my baby.

“Cyndi came back to visit me one night when I was still in the hospital even though she wasn’t on shift. Cyndi and everyone else we encountered at Texas Health Dallas were so amazing at helping me feel calm and confident as a new mom. When we’re ready for the next baby, there’s no hesitation as to who our doctors will be and to where we will deliver.”

Physicians on the medical staff practice independently and are not employees or agents of the hospital or Texas Health Resources.

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