• Leanna Nalley says:

    This is great information to know. I’d rather get the most out of my workout so I’ll avoid some of the “NO” exercises and add the “Yes” exercises that I’m not already doing. Planks, by the way, are a really good core exercise! Thank you for this information.

  • Ron Smith says:

    Last year, I started doing Body Pump classes twice a week at the Northpark Y. I started with just the bar to get used to the movements and worked my way up slowly to a reasonable amount of free weights for me. The classes are intense, with many repetitions, so you have to pace yourself; it’s not for everyone, but at least for me, it’s more fun to exercise in a group. Disclosure: I teach at the Y (Taiji classes, not Body Pump).

  • Kristi Barron says:

    This is awesome information!! thank you. I would love to see more posts like this one!

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