Finding Breastfeeding Help

As Alexandra Paterson knows all too well, every baby is different when it comes to breastfeeding. The 36-year-old mother delivered her third child, son Cole, in July 2017 and had high hopes of breastfeeding him much as she had done with her two previous children. But from the start Cole had trouble latching on and Alexandra ended up in extreme pain. She knew something wasn’t right.

“I was so injured from trying to nurse Cole that I immediately went to pumping to keep my supply up until I could heal,” Alexandra said. “I desperately needed help so I spoke to my pediatrician at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen and got a recommendation to connect with a lactation consultant for support.”

Certified lactation consultant Vicki Gettel was able to assess some of Alexandra’s high-level needs and concerns quickly – right over the phone. And once the new mom met with the lactation consultant, it was obvious that little Cole had a lip/tongue tie that was causing him difficultly in latching. Within 48 hours of meeting with Vicki, Alexandra was referred to a specialist and Cole had the procedure needed to correct his feeding issues. He was soon nursing and sucking a pumped bottle with ease.

Since Alexandra has experienced both sides of the breastfeeding spectrum, she offers some advice to other moms who may be struggling with the process: “Don’t lose hope. Seek support from a specialist who is willing to go on your journey with you and with whom you feel comfortable. I was so thankful to have someone who took the time to listen and support me in person, on the phone and even checked up on me via email. I wish every new mom had access to Vicki. She’s a gem.”

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