Fashion Flunks the Skinny Squat Session

Men and women should reconsider their choice of restrictive clothing in light of possible medical complications.

The recent news of a woman becoming trapped due to swelling — and subsequently hospitalized—after continuously squatting in her skinny jeans adds to previous consumer reports that wearing restrictive clothes comes with possible consequences.

If They Don’t Fit

Let’s be real: Fashion or exercise trends sometimes get the best of us and we cut corners on our health. When considering wearing restrictive clothing, consider these medical repercussions:

1. Compartment syndrome: When muscles and nerves are restricted, blood flow also becomes restricted, leaving tightness or tingling sensation that can result in eventual loss of functional movements, such as walking. Medical research shows compartment syndrome targets the arms and legs. While you cannot always avoid injuries, you can actively choose to wear looser clothing.

2. Meralgia paresthetica: Similar to compartment syndrome, this disorder is localized to the thigh and also results in uncomfortable tingling. Avoid this condition by opting for comfortable clothing and by working on that fitness regime.

3. Blood clots: When swelling occurs and restricts blood flow, more than your muscles and nerves are affected. The restriction can cause the blood to clot, or stop flowing. Car trips and prolonged sitting also contribute to blood clotting, as well as any type of added barrier to muscle movement, clothing included.

4. Acid reflux: This happens when stomach acid travels backward from the stomach to the esophagus. The result can cause vomiting or heartburn, not to mention a drag in your day-to-day routine. Tight clothing isn’t the only cause of acid reflux, but research shows it can help pack acids’ bags for travel.

5. The list goes on. Tight clothing can add more drama to your life than just another backward glance. Consider giving your closet a once-over.

Be mindful of how tight clothes can affect your overall health.

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