How Faith Helps Heal

When you are stricken with illness, traditional medicine can help heal your body. But faith-based support may help restore the health of the mind and spirit.

At no time is prayer more abundant than when we are dealing with challenges, and research suggests that mindfulness pays off in terms of physical health and mental and emotional well-being.

According to the Nemours Foundation, regular prayer may help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress associated with the challenges of life. Seniors who engaged in religious worship regularly had lower blood pressure, reduced depression and stronger immune systems overall. Additionally, individuals undergoing heart surgery had higher survival rates than those with no spiritual support.

“Religion provides many people with a sense of calm and peace,” says Eric E. Smith, D.Min., B.C.C., vice president of Faith and Spirituality Integration with Texas Health Resources. “Chronically ill individuals report lower pain levels and have better mortality rates. Additionally, research has shown that patients get better faster and reach higher levels of recuperation when they utilize spiritual resources.”

As a faith-based foundation, Texas Health Resources takes its own spiritual approach to health and healing, offering families a wealth of services to navigate health care-related challenges. On-call bereavement coordinators and chaplains offering pastoral care are available to families at Texas Health facilities. Chapels and meditation gardens are also abundant, providing beautiful, peaceful sanctuaries for individuals of all faiths who are in search of a space to meditate and pray.

“We welcome all families, celebrate different traditions, and seek to enhance the family and patient experience by taking an inclusive approach to serving families from various backgrounds,” Rev. Smith says. “As health care providers, our job is to heal the people we serve to the best of our abilities. Spiritual support is a critical piece of our mission.”

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