Can You Debunk These Myths About Artificial Sweeteners?

We’ll keep this short and sweet — Americans love their sweets. In fact, the average American consumes more than 126 grams of sugar per day, which is equivalent to about three 12-ounce cans of Coca-Cola or 30 teaspoons of sugar.

That being said, reaching for items sweetened with artificial sweeteners may seem like a healthier choice, but there’s a lot of talk regarding the health factor of artificial sweeteners. So we spoke to Kim Allen, M.D., an internal medicine physician on the medical staff at Texas Health Dallas and Texas Health Adult Care, and Madge Barnes, M.D., a primary care physician on the medical staff at Texas Health Family Care – Grand Prairie, a Texas Health Physicians Group practice, to crack down on the not-so-sweet truth about artificial sweeteners, and their answers may surprise you. Test your knowledge about added sugar and artificial sweeteners and let us know how you do!

Reaching for items sweetened with artificial sugars may seem like a healthier choice, but there’s a lot of talk regarding the health-factor of artificial sweeteners. Crackdown on the not-so-sweet-truth about artificial sweeteners and test your knowledge.


  • Joy Dillard says:

    I took this quiz to check to see if my assumption is still correct regarding artificial sweeteners not causing cancer. I am glad that is still correct.

  • Ed Safford says:

    Good quiz, and I learned some things. Thanks for posting.

  • Yehudit says:

    I will not touch any artificial sweetener but Truvia. After taking this quiz, I think I will use Stevia only – yes, I understand it has a bitter taste, along with the sweet Stevia leaf, but I am trying to stay healthy.

  • Paula says:

    The definitely make my stomach upset, always. They also were the reason for my vertigo. That last one was one I so didn’t want to happen but once I quit, it went away and I had it for about 7 years. Sitting, lying down, standing….

  • ethel kecaph says:

    Your questions were very informative. I learned something from my incorrect answers.

  • Thomas M Baker says:

    Found the survey entertaining and informative.

  • Patricia Breland says:

    Interesting study, I sometimes use Stevia instead of sugar, but it’s very sweet to the point of bitter, I appreciate the info

  • Heidi Sweet says:

    What a clever way to educate me. I appreciate your thoughtful questions and explanation. It was stimulating to learn this new information. Good job, keep the quizzes for other topics coming.

  • elsie lindsey says:

    I missed two. Fooled me.

  • Marilyn Wilkerson says:

    I thought I knew a lot about artificial sweeteners but after this quiz, I learned I did not. Now I am better informed. Thanks for this.

  • Joy Douglas says:

    Joy Douglas

  • R. Mason says:

    Surprising! I made a C-! I avoid them myself except for Diet Coke, once a week.

  • Joy Douglas says:

    Many times theory’s suggest, a product may cause, or looks like it may cause, or researchers think it may cause….I try to pay attention to news that says, test conducted by x amount of people over x amount of years has concluded that subject definitely I have read a study that concluded sugar soft drinks cause more damage than artificial sweeteners!

  • Roae says:

    That was a quick, fun way to keep on top of artificial sweetener info.

  • Laurie Churchwell says:

    Thank you for this informative article. As a parent of a Type1, we were well educated by our nutritionist. I’m weary of reading conflicting propaganda on social media regarding sweeteners. Knowledge is power. I’ll be saving this article!

  • Pat peck says:

    This is the best explaination of sweeteners I have ever read.

  • ROBERT GILL says:


  • LaraineJ says:

    Wow! This quiz was very surprising yet helpful in getting me to understand the difference between regular and artificial sweeteners. I still prefer regular sugar…of course in moderation. Thank you for this eye opener.


    Thank you.

  • Charlotte Stellmach says:

    I have watched many people over the years that have not lost significant weight and kept it off while using artificial sweeteners. The people do not get adequate plain water intake, avoid excess cars, and do not exercise. I have watched many who increase their intake of inappropriate foods.

  • Hermine Mina says:

    Very interesting & challenging way to learn. I absolutely enjoyed d article.

  • george purvis says:

    not the devil`s sweetener i thought it was , but wouldn`t just a little cane , unrefined sugar , be better than all the artificial sweeteners . Bottom line eating a snickers with a diet coke hardly levels the playing field and artificial sweetener leave a nasty , wangy after taste unless it`s added to dairy products !

  • Charles H. Robertson says:

    Informative! I wish there had been information about which artificial sugars are not metabolized as glucose.

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