Can You Spot Addiction’s Red Flags?

Many physical and behavioral signs of substance abuse are easy to recognize, but psychological indicators may be difficult to interpret.

Bloodshot eyes, fluctuating weight, sudden changes in interests or relationships, inattention to personal appearance or hygiene — any of these signs commonly raise suspicion of drug or alcohol dependence. Other indicators, however, can be mistaken for the results of everyday stress.

“If someone has drug- or alcohol-induced mood swings, you might think he or she is simply having a bad day,” says Ramona Osburn, F.A.C.H.E., senior vice president of Behavioral Health at Texas Health Resources. “Anxiety may indicate withdrawal, but it can appear to be a symptom of work- or family-related stress. If you see some of these potential signs of addiction, observe the individual closely for other telltale clues or patterns of strange behavior, and then speak with him or her about your concerns.”

A New Place to Seek Help

Texas Health Behavioral Health Hospital Arlington opened  this summer, becoming the fifth Texas Health Resources facility of its kind. The hospital features 23 beds for adult psychiatric treatment and detoxification and 12 beds for adolescent behavioral health care, as well as outpatient services.

To learn more about Texas Health Behavioral Health services or to find the nearest location, visit



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