Baby Jaxon Gets a Special Gift ― the Right Hospital

JMathisJaxon Mathis won’t remember the hospital from which he made his entrance into the world, nor will he remember his trip to a second hospital in Dallas and then to a third. His parents, on the other hand, will not soon forget any of Jaxon’s early homes and they will always have especially fond memories of one ― Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

When 31-year-old Brandi Mathis was told early on in her pregnancy that she had a dynamic cervix, she and her obstetrician agreed that a cerclage was in order to help prevent a premature delivery. Despite the extra measure, baby Jaxon made his debut at 27 gestational weeks. Weighing in at just 2 pounds and 9 ounces, Jaxon needed to be transported from their hospital in McKinney to a hospital with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Brandi and her husband Jerryme, 36, found the care in the NICU to be adequate, but they wanted something more for their tiny son and growing family.

“As a mother I wanted to be involved in Jaxon’s care. I wanted to be able to stay with him more and have the experience of a new mother caring for her child. The facility just wasn’t equipped to accommodate the family experience that we wanted.”

Brandi and Jerryme had heard about the Special Care Nursery (SCN) inside Texas Health Dallas’ Margot Perot Center for Women and Infants and all that it has to offer parents and newborns with special needs. The 44-bed nursery is the only Level II nursery in the Dallas area that offers private rooms with a hotel-like feel. Here, the family-centered approach to care is designed to strengthen bonding while preparing newborns to go home.

After a tour and a few phone calls, Brandi and Jerryme were ready to provide Jaxon with the gift of a hospital setting that better fit his needs for round-the-clock support plus their need to be an integral part of the care team. With his health improving, Jaxon was able to make a smooth transition to the Special Care Nursery at Texas Health Dallas.

“I fell in love with the Special Care Nursery at Texas Health Dallas the day I toured it,” Brandi said. “I loved the way I could be with my child and see him both night and day. I also liked that the nurses are available to help you when you need it, but they let you do the caring as well. I did not have to ask for permission to hold my son.”

“The nursing staff in general was amazing and took excellent care of Jaxon. From Chris Brooks to Sam (night nurse), who helped with our baby’s first bath, to Meghan (day nurse), who was such a great educator. Not to mention everyone who let me cry on their shoulders when I was a bit unsure of myself as a new mom of a preemie,” Brandi added.

After a more than two-month stay in the Margot Perot Center, baby Jaxon was able to go home with his family ― at a healthy weight of 6 pounds, 13 ounces.

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