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Are Sore Feet Keeping You Down?

Whether it’s after wearing sky-high heels or flip-flops without adequate arch support, we’ve all experienced sore feet at some point.

While foot health may not always be top of mind for many of us, April is an especially important time to concentrate on preventing or treating the aches and pains felt in your lowest limbs.

National Foot Health Awareness Month, which began April 1, encourages everyone to be mindful that foot health has an overall impact on total body health and well-being. Without proper support, your feet can cause wide-ranging problems like sprains, strains, and hip, knee and back pain. Maintaining healthy feet can be as important as taking care of your vital organs and other conditions you might experience, according to Dr. James Morgan, a family physician at Keller Family Healthcare, a Texas Health Physicians Group practice.


Dr. James Morgan

“Ankle swelling may be a symptom of heart failure, high blood pressure, blood vessel issues or something as simple as using too much salt,” Morgan said. “And people with chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart failure, need to be monitored for complications of these illnesses on a regular basis.

“This can be done by a person’s primary care provider or sometimes with other outreach programs that work to prevent complications from illnesses.”

The persistence of sores, which can be a symptom of poor circulation or could be signs of other illnesses, also should signal a trip to your doctor. Conversely, there are many ways you can be proactive and take better care of your legs and feet. Staying active, Morgan said, is at the top of the list.

“One important treatment is exercise,” Morgan said. “What is good for your body will be good for your legs. And a healthy diet that is low in salt and heavy on fresh fruits and vegetables also is beneficial.”

“As Ben Franklin said,” Morgan added, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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