5 Steps to Super Summer Skin

Texas summers can be hard on your skin. How can you keep your skin clear and healthy throughout the hottest, most humid season?

  • Keep it clean. Wash your face in the morning and at night. For an extra deep clean, try using a spinning brush with your cleanser. If you have problems with pimples, try products with salicylic acid — but use caution. Some people find this anti-acne active ingredient is too much for their sensitive skin.
  • Save your skin with sunscreen. Even if you aren’t spending all day in the sun, wearing sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher is good for your skin and your health. Sunscreen helps keep wrinkles and other signs of aging at bay, while also helping prevent skin cancer. If you are spending time outside, reapply the sunscreen to your face and skin every two hours or after sweating or being in water. Don’t forget to use lip balm with sunscreen to avoid painful sunburned lips.
  • Maintain your moisture. While your oily or sweaty skin may not seem like it needs hydration, it actually does. Look for moisturizer that works for your skin type and for your summer climate — such as lighter moisturizing crèmes that are oil-free and labeled as non-comedogenic, or specifically designed not to clog pores. Apply moisturizer at night to get the moisture boost without the greasy after-effects. Remember to keep hydrated and drink water throughout the day — during the summer, it’s easy to become dehydrated before you realize it.
  • Go deep. With sunscreen, moisturizer and your natural oils, your face needs a deep cleanse at least once a week. Use chemical exfoliators with alpha hydroxy acid for a gentle cleanse. Physical exfoliation can leave your skin irritated and dry — and the microbeads in many exfoliating face washes are terrible for the environment.
  • Be smart with your makeup. Instead of heavy foundations that you will sweat off, look for beauty or blemish creams or tinted moisturizers that can pull double-duty and provide SPF protection. Powders with talcum powder are great for reducing shine during the day, and blotting papers can make a huge difference for your shine level.

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